SRD 150

Mobile Desluding System SRD 150

The innovative mobile Desludging System is ideally suited for cleaning and desludging canals and waterways in densely populated urban areas.

The system can also be used in treating industrial sludge, e.g. mining and steel industries, preventing the waterways from being polluted.

The system separates and dewaters:

  • Trash and coarse material
  • Sand, ready to use in construction industry
  • Sludge, 75% dry, ready to use for landfill
Polymerisation Unit

The Control & Polymer Unit serves two functions. The Polymer station consists of a reaction tank where the polymer powder is mixed with water. From the storage tank the polymer solution is injected to the sludge in the sedimentation and in the dewatering unit.

Automated Intelligence Control System
The Control Unit, using more than 80 sensors, is managed by our own proprietary ‘Automated Intelligence Control System’ that monitors all components and the overall process. Optimal settings are used for flow rates, process water and polymer usage, with minimal operator input.

The Separation Unit’s input is the sludge from the waterway and consists of a cyclone separator and two vibrator screens.
The capacity of separated sand is up to 20 tons per hour and the capacity of separated coarse material is up to 10 tons per hour.

The Sedimentation Unit consists of two thickener units, which operate simultaneously. Pumps deliver sludge/water mix from the separation tank to the thickeners injecting an automatic dosage of polymers.
The clear water in the overflow of the thickener is transferred back to the waterways.

The Dewatering or ‘Beltpress’ Unit consists of an upper and a lower belt. The thickened sludge is processed through the rolls to further extract water which is then returned to the separation tank. The output of dry sludge cakes can then be transported away.